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Katie Robinson, MS, LPC (WI), LPCC (MN)

Licensed Professional Counselor in WI and MN

When we struggle in life so many of us spend time blaming, shaming, and guilting ourselves for “not doing better”. In society we've been taught to disconnect from our authentic selves and our bodies. Overtime this can cause us to feel lost, overwhelmed, and detached. As a therapist my focus is to help you reclaim those lost parts, integrate them, and regain self-trust through your own intuitive abilities. It may not feel like it now, but you are the wisest teacher in your life and I'm honored to assist you in believing so.

Through a combination of mindfulness, somatic awareness, internal-parts work, eclectic, and intuitive therapies, healing can begin and continue. I specialize in eating disorders, neurodiversity, trauma, disconnection from your authentic self, and difficult life transitions.

Therapy can be a very personal and profound journey. Everyone deserves to have support throughout their lives in order to work through life’s challenges. I create a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to express themselves as they are.


As a neurodivergent individual myself and the mother of two neurodivergent children, I very much know and understand the challenges and strengths that come with how our brains are wired.  I feel there can be so much shame and stigma that accompanies diagnoses of ADHD, Bipolar, Autism, and many others. My approach is to help my clients decrease their shame, increase their self-awareness, celebrate their uniqueness, and create coping skills to help assist them to live their best lives.


At some point everyone in their life has experienced some type of trauma.  Being human can be difficult and living with unprocessed or unhealed trauma can be debilitating.  Sometimes we can’t even image what our lives would be like without the triggers or trauma responses.  I love witnessing clients change, heal, and grow through their traumas into empowerment.  Some of the most powerful transformations for my clients happen through the combination of EMDR and somatic awareness. 

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are extremely complex and multi-layered.  So many factors contribute to individuals reaching the point of needing and accepting the help they deserve.  Shame and secrecy create a downward spiral that sometimes feels impossible to get out of.  I meet individuals where they are at in their journey to finding peace and freedom from their eating disorders by helping uncover core wounds/traumas and contributing factors to their eating disorders, decreasing shame, and skills-based work. 

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Education & Training

Bachelors of Fine Arts from Slippery Rock University, PA
Masters of Science from Springfield College, MA
EMDR Therapist, EMDR Certification, EMDRIA Approved

Insurance: BCBS MN, Health Partners, Cigna, BCBS WI/Anthem, Medica/UBH/Optum