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Free Handouts

Here are some great resources you can use to jump start your therapy and make it even more effective and efficient, or to simply use for your own personal growth.

This information is for education and support only and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any mental health or clinical condition. 

(more to come...)  


Common Negative Patterns in Couples: Descriptions of the most common patterns of conflict and avoidance couples get stuck in. Once you recognize your pattern, you can start to catch it and stop it together.

Am I a Pursuer or Withdrawer?: This helps each partner identify what role they tend to play in patterns of communication the couple struggles with. 

Emotions Can Make or Break Communication: Emotions can get the best of us, and we all feel them, express them, and manage them differently.  This can help us start to understand how.

Break the Cycle: This is a tool you can use when you are stuck in your pattern or a conflict, and you can start to break it down into what you may each be feeling or needing. 

Let's Start Talking: This provides a structure for conversations with reflective listening and compassionate response.  This can help start to slowly build trust in the ability to have difficult conversations. 

Lost in Translation: A helpful guide with examples for shifting communication out of conflict and into more authenticity and connection. 


Reclaiming: A Guided Art & Writing Journal to Help Heal from Sexual Abuse or Assault