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Online Therapy - Telehealth

Online therapy has been shown to be “different” than in person counseling, but not inferior. Research shows it is just as effective as in person therapy, and sometimes more effective for certain populations.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy, also known as Telehealth, simply is a matter of having a typical counseling session over a live, face to face call. This is done through a secure medical video conferencing service, and all of the same ethical parameters apply.

What Is Different About Online Therapy?

  • Use of technology that may be unfamiliar
  • Different experience when not sitting in the same room
  • Some of the therapy may have to be done differently than it would be in the same room
  • Clients must be involved in establishing a safe and secure space for having their session
  • Client must agree to a higher level of monitoring safety since safety plans will be necessary

Benefits of Online Therapy:

  • Saves travel time and cost
  • Miss less work and school
  • Don’t miss sessions when home with sick kids or snow days
  • Getting support while in the comfort of your home, or for when you don't have close access to services
  • And more….

Will Online Therapy Be Covered By My Insurance?

Many insurance companies are covering Telehealth (online therapy) in recent years. It is still best to call and check on the benefits of your specific plan. As with a any type of counseling, it must be medically necessary and treating a mental health diagnosis to be covered.

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