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Testing - Meds - Supplements

*These are simply resources.  They are not recommendations or referrals, and availability varies.  

*Therapists do not prescribe any vitamins or medication.  Contact your nutritionist, physician, or psychiatrist for recommendations or prescriptions.

*Consult with your doctor or personal healthcare professional for questions or concerns about adding supplements to your wellness plan.

Psychologists for Testing & Assessments:

Dr. Nancy Binford - Woodbury MN   Kids & Adults

Portage Psychology - Eden Prairie, MN  Kids & Adults

Psychiatry & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Med Management)

Selena Schmit - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Western WI Health in Baldwin, WI

Dr. Henry Emmons - Psychiatrist - Natural Mental Health in the Twin Cities  (Medication & Supplements)

Supplements & Nutrition

(A word of caution about ordering supplements through Amazon.  Some products are not legitimate or are not stored safely.  Buying directly might be a better option.)

Resilient Remedies - through Dr. Henry Emmons' company Natural Mental Health which has many additional resources as well.  Amino acids, adaptogens, activated B-Vitamins, CBD, products supporting attention, sleep, mood, focus, and more.  Overall mental wellness and resilience. 

Trudy Scott - Nutritionist, Food-Mood Expert, Author of  The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution.  Lots of content regarding amino acid supplements. 

DROPPERS for those who struggle with swallowing supplements:

Thorne Vitamin D + K2

5-HTP Dropper

Brainchild Nutritionals Ashwagandha Organic Extract


Life-Flo Magnesium Lotion