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Rates & Insurance

Privacy and Policy Brochures:

Cash Rates:  

Rates vary with each therapist based on the service and experience.  Give us a call for more information.

Insurance Accepted:  

We have providers in network for BCBS MN, BCBS WI (Anthem), Health Partners, Medica/UBH, Preferred One, Cigna, Aetna, Multi Plan, WEA Trust.  

Please view the therapists' profiles, or call our office to see which of our providers may accept your insurance.

We do not accept Medical Assistance, Medicare, Forward or Badger Care at this time.

You will find which insurance companies each therapist is a provider for at the bottom of their bio.

Financial Assistance:  

Financial assistance is available when funds allow.  The Butterfly Path is an organization that raises funds for counseling services for those who cannot afford services, or lose their insurance temporarily.  Please call to see if we have any remaining funds available at that time.  If we do not, you could contact The Butterfly Path to see what other clinics might have their funding available.  

Insurance Coverage for COUPLES COUNSELING
(Important, Please Read)

Couples counseling is one of the specialties of CFTC, therefore we are conscientious about respecting the requirements of insurance companies for the coverage of couples counseling.

It is important that you call your insurance to ask if you have insurance coverage for couples counseling/marriage counseling.

Commonly an insurance company will answer, "Yes, couple and family therapy is covered if there is a mental health disorder/diagnosis."

What that typically means is:

  • One or both partners in the couple would need to meet criteria for a covered mental health disorder and diagnosis (such as depression or anxiety), and be named and diagnosed as the "patient/client."
  • This mental health diagnosis will be submitted to the insurance company and become part of the patient's medical record.
  • Couples sessions could be covered for the "patient" along with individual sessions as part of the treatment plan to improve the mental health disorder of that "patient."  The partner will not have any right to the medical records documenting these couples sessions, however the patient will have right to the full record.  

It is important to understand that couples therapy sessions with the focus on a patient's illness is quite different than couples counseling which focuses on the health and function of the couple relationship.

Please discuss this with your therapist so you can make the best choice for you and your relationship.  

How to Choose Cash vs. Insurance for Counseling:

It is important to understand a few issues when choosing to use your insurance for mental health services.  When seeking psychotherapy services at any clinic, and submitting these services to your insurance company, you will be forming a record of your status and treatment, just like a medical record.  That means that in order for insurance to cover this treatment, there must be an illness, or disorder, that is diagnosed and reported to the insurance company.  This information can then be requested by other insurance policies you apply for, and other entities if required by their policies.  Many people do not have concerns about this, or complications with it either, but it is important for you to be informed.

When paying cash for psychotherapy sessions, there is more confidentiality in the sense that insurance companies do not have access to the record of a diagnosis or of your treatment, and no diagnosis is required.

If you are paying cash for couples counseling, you will be able to focus solely on your relationship, you will both have rights to the record, and again no diagnosis will be required.

Standard Fees:

CFTC has standard fees for services, primarily at an hourly rate; longer sessions are available as well.  Please contact the office for current rates of various services.  At times, such as due to financial hardship, a reduced rate can be discussed.

As therapists trained in couples and family therapy, CFTC therapists see you as a whole person and always consider the impact of your relationships and environments.  We want to help you reach your highest level of happiness and success. The type of counseling you are looking for, and the issues of concern, will partly determine if you will be paying cash for your services, or if you will be able to utilize your insurance.

At CFTC we do not believe helpful counseling services are only for those who are suffering or seen as disordered and ill. Often people struggle simply due to natural changes and challenges in life.  Getting help at these times is just as important for your health and well being and is often necessary in order to prevent a more severe condition such as depression.  

Calling Your Insurance:

CFTC therapists are providers for many insurance companies.  Please call your insurance company's member services and ask:

  • What are my "outpatient mental health benefits?"
  • Do I need a "pre-authorization" to begin therapy services?
  • Is the therapist I'm interested in "in network?"
  • If not, what are my "out of network" benefits?
  • Is couples counseling covered?  Is family counseling covered?

Payments & Co-pays:

Insurance co-pays and cash rates are due at each session.  CFTC requires each client to keep a valid credit card on file that will be charged regularly upon processed sessions.  This is in order to keep client's balances low and to minimize the need for bringing checks and cash.  Clients will receive monthly statements notifying them of their balance if there is one.  It would be appreciated that payments be made upon receipt of the statement.   If a payment arrangement is desired due to financial hardship, please discuss with the therapist.

Cancellation Policy:

CFTC requires a 48-hour notice (business days) of cancelled appointments.  We have a list of clients waiting to fill any open hour.  Therefore, with less than 24 hours notice a fee will be charged to the client if we are unable to fill that hour.  Please cancel by voicemail or email.

Missed/Failed Appointments & Late Cancellation Fees:

Clients will be charged a $50.00 fee for missed appointments and late cancellations where the hour remained unfilled.  This fee cannot be billed to insurance and will be billed directly to the client.

Phone Consultation:

The primary services of CFTC are face-to-face psychotherapy sessions in the office setting.  However, at times phone consultation may become desirable and/or necessary.  These services cannot be billed through insurance.  However, a cash rate may be discussed with the therapist for such services.