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Stephanie Johnson, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MN, WI) 

**Telehealth Only

I am passionate about creating a warm, welcoming and safe space where I will support you through your challenges and celebrate the successes on your journey.   I honor the courage it takes to ask for help, and I’m so glad you are here.  

I work with pre-teens and adults, couples and families, and I take a holistic approach in therapy – looking at the mind, body, and spirit – understanding that everything is connected.  

I commonly help people with depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, trauma, abuse, life transitions/stressors, grief/loss and school issues.  

Together we will identify your areas of strength and use a solution-focused approach to help you achieve the goals you set in therapy.  

My vast experience has given me a unique perspective from working within various environments whether it be with local agencies, healthcare providers, daycare programs, schools or facilitating sessions with interpreters.  The many skills I have acquired from these experiences are very helpful for the variety of clients I see. 

Adolescents and their Families:

I have extensive experience in working with adolescents and their families within various settings. 

Most often, symptoms such as poor grades, behaviors in school or at home, isolation, and negative self-talk, will point us into the direction of the root causes for these symptoms. 

My immediate goal is to build a trusting relationship.  I do this in a variety of ways based on their age, whether they enjoy games or sharing a hobby, or are ready for more talking and deeper self-exploration.  I also like to bring fun and humor into the sessions when appropriate, as I believe laughter can help bring balance to the sessions.

Once we have a good connection, I can begin to see the root causes of behaviors and begin to work through the challenges they face, build their confidence, and help them see their potential.  

I will also incorporate mindfulness activities to help them learn regulate emotions and behaviors that interfere with life and relationships.  I encourage caregivers to participate as this is where I have seen the most growth happen within the adolescent’s life and also within the family system.   

Adult Individuals (all ages):

Young adulthood is such a pivotal time in life, full of change, new beginnings and with a whole new set of questions about life.  This time in life can also be full of doubt and uncertainty.   We will work through this life transition together, helping with any challenges, setbacks, insecurities, fears or worries in order to build confidence in who they are becoming as a young adult, and to get ready to take on the world.  

I also help adults of all ages with the challenges that come and go throughout our whole lives, some expected, others not.  Sometimes adults feel a loss of hope and a wide range of difficult emotions they don’t know what to do with.   It can be very helpful to pursue unbiased support which can make a huge difference in helping us cope, heal and grow.  


Relationships inevitably go through various changes in life and there are times when a therapist can bring new perspectives to the table.  I help couples improve communication, trust and commitment, and work through life changes that have impacted their relationship.  I will listen with empathy and understanding to all perspectives and collaborate with the couple on shared resolutions.  

Contact Me: 

To request an appointment, call the office at 715-441-1828, or go through our contact page.

Insurance Accepted:

BCBS MN, Health Partners, Cigna, Anthem BCBS WI, Optum/UBH/Medica


  • Adler Graduate School – MA, Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy with an emphasis in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling
  • Clinical Member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Clinical Member of North American Society of Adlerian Psychology