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Brandi Hardy, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Welcome! Thank you for being here and considering therapy. I understand how overwhelming it can be to reach out and find a therapist who is the “right fit” for you. I am here to provide a shame-free environment that meets you where you are at, and helps you achieve the meaningful goals you set. I strive to create a warm, accepting space for all, with an eclectic approach that is fit for your individual needs, and empowers your specific strengths. Everyone’s journey is different, and we all deserve a space where we feel heard and validated. As a therapist, I believe you are the expert of your own experiences. I am here to listen and employ my own skillset so I can best help you achieve what you are hoping for.

Individual Counseling (children, teens, adults):

I enjoy working with individuals throughout the lifespan and embrace those of all genders, race, sexual orientation, and backgrounds. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship and genuine empathy are critical pieces in the process of healing and change. I have a few areas of focus listed below in further detail, but I commonly work with an array of concerns. My special interests include women’s issues, depression, trauma, relationships, anxiety, EMDR, eating disorders, LGBTQIA+, social skill building, mindfulness, and neurodiversity.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR):

I have specialized training and experience in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), helping children and adults heal from traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, phobias, and grief. I also use EMDR to help individuals increase their own internal coping abilities, mindfully connect with themselves, and work through negative beliefs.

Eating Disorders/Body Image Concerns:

Battling an eating disorder or feeling pressures around food and body can feel immensely isolating. Knowing you are not alone is one of the first steps towards healing, and I am here to assist you along the way. I am passionate about helping individuals overcome struggles with eating disorders, negative body image, shame, or overall challenges with food. I receive ongoing training and professional consultation in this area to help ensure individuals receive high quality, person-centered care. I utilize a variety of modalities and techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders, DBT Skills, and EMDR. All together, these modalities can help individuals work through underlying issues that may have influenced the initial development of an eating disorder, while also focusing on concerns that are maintaining the eating disorder behavior. I also lead with a genuine approach of body positivity and health at every size, to help individuals enhance their overall self-evaluation and confidence in the process.


My scope of practice also extends towards those with autism spectrum disorder/neurodiversity. I have extensive experience working with the neurodiverse community, including children and teens on the autism spectrum, allowing me to empathize with their experiences, help establish coping skills, and create an environment that is conducive to their style of connecting, growing, and socializing. We are all “wired” differently, and every one of us is unique in our own way. I approach neurodiversity with acceptance and compassion, helping individuals and families understand each other, and themselves, while also working through any challenges associated with communication, relationships, and emotion regulation.

I am here to walk alongside you in your journey towards growth and wellness. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

For Appointment Requests:

To request an appointment, call the office at 715-441-1828.

Brandi’s Email:

Education & Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology from UW-Stout
  • Master of Social Work from UW-Madison
  • EMDR Therapist

Insurances Accepted:

BCBS MN, Health Partners, Anthem-BCBS WI, Optum/UHC/Medica