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Cindy Grajkowski

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Owner & Clinical Director, Consultant

Hi there!  I’m so glad you’re here.  There is no better investment than in you, the quality of your life, and your relationships.

I have been a therapist for 20 years working with adults with anxiety, personal and professional growth, couples counseling and communication, women’s wellness, and trauma work.

I also founded this clinic in 2009 and have enjoyed being a small business owner where I get to utilize a different set of skills outside of my clinical work.  As a result I also work with many professionals supporting them in their personal and professional lives as well.

Healthy relationships and effective communication skills help us succeed both at home and at work.  

I really enjoy supporting professional and entrepreneurial women who love to work.  Women have their own unique challenges to finding professional success without sacrificing their own health, values, or happiness. I can help with business/career development or transitions, effective communication and boundaries, being a highly sensitive professional, setting realistic expectations for work and family balance, and having healthy relationships so they can find joy and purpose in their life and meaningful work.

Individual Counseling & Personal Growth:

We are each unique and I love supporting people in discovering what works well for them to find joy, health, connection and fulfillment.

I use an integrative approach where we help you address many different areas of your life that can come together to improve your well being and connection to the people and the world around you.  This might include making lifestyle changes, addressing difficult relationships, clearing out past traumas, career development, spiritual exploration, and more.

I use a variety of therapy models that include talk therapy and experiential therapies, such as EMDR.  (detailed list below)

I also enjoy helping you find your true self in this process and getting to know who you are, helping you to align with your values,  purpose and passion.

Common issues I work with: stress and anxiety, relationships and communication, women’s health concerns related to stress, midlife challenges and transitions, career growth or changes and more.

Couples Counseling & Communication Coaching:

I have specialized in couples counseling for most of my career.  I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and Supervisor, however I also integrate many therapy tools and skills I have gained over the years to help couples.

I have worked with a vast array of couples and relationship challenges, however I most often work with committed and monogamous couples.   I help individuals and couples with communication, emotional connection, physical intimacy, parenting, trust and security, affair recovery, new relationships, separating, or divorcing.

I truly believe our relationship struggles are the best learning opportunities for personal growth. We thrive when we are in connection with our self, others, and our source.  Our most intimate relationships are often our gateway to discovering this deeper level of connection.

Models of Therapy:  EMDR, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Integrative Mental Health Practices.

 To request an appointment, call the office at 715-441-1828.

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  • Bachelor of Arts degree from U.W. Madison
  • Masters of Science in Education-Professional Counseling from Concordia University WI
  • Marriage and Family Therapy specialization completed at Family Therapy Training Institute
  • Clinical Member of the Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Insurance Provider for

BCBS, Health Partners, Preferred One, WEA Trust, Cigna, Magellan, WPS, Medica/UBH