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Cindy Grajkowski, MS Ed

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Owner & Clinical Director, Consultant

Hi, I’m Cindy, an experienced therapist who enjoys helping anxious high achievers, motivated couples, and neurodivergent women to feel successful in love, life, and their meaningful work.

Therapy can help us on so many levels personally, professionally, spiritually and more.  I love seeing people grow in ways they never expected when they take this time to understand themselves, discover what they need and how to heal, and start honoring their true self and unique gifts.   It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, but I think you'll be so glad you did.   

My style of counseling offers practical coaching skills with deeper emotional work and self-awareness, with plenty of laughs along the way.  My 20 years as a therapist and clinic owner, combined with career coaching skills and therapeutic expertise in working with anxiety, couples, and trauma, help to make our work together quite efficient and effective.

I also believe in taking an integrative and holistic approach to mental health.  Mental wellness improves with a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and supportive and connected relationships. 

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety Therapy

You want to enjoy your family and your work, but you're stressed out and exhausted trying to keep up with it all.

Sometimes you snap, or need your space, but then you feel guilty and get hard on yourself because you don't want to let anyone down. 

You're spread too thin and struggle to make time for yourself, and your health and relationships are taking the hit.  

You wonder "Why does everyone else seem like they can juggle so many things, and I'm so exhausted I'm ready to collapse?"  But of course, you don't show that; everyone thinks you're fine.  

Life doesn't have to be this way. It's ok to ask for help!

Anxiety shows up in life at some point for most people, us high achievers especially.  Maybe it's from too much stress and worry, or from getting stuck in a trap of “doing everything” because you can (or think you should), until you’ve got nothing left to give.

Together we can help you understand how to manage your stress and calm your nervous system, so you can feel more in control of your life and reap the rewards of your hard work and all that you want to achieve.

As a business owner myself, I’m also happy to talk about work stress, career goals, and even financial aspirations.  I’m passionate about these areas of life because they are keys to our health and mental wellness, as well as our fulfillment in life.

Neurodivergence & Anxiety: Sometimes anxiety is not a result of external stressors, but rather comes as a result of simply not understanding your own unique wiring.  When you don’t realize you are wired differently, you might blame and shame yourself for not being like your friends or colleagues, and push yourself beyond your limits.  You feel like you’re missing something and always trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong, or at least what everyone else is doing right. Once you understand yourself and your needs, this can get so much better!

Relationships & Communication – Personal & Professional

Couples Therapy: I help motivated couples who feel stuck in repeated arguments or worry they are becoming just roommates.  I’ll help you improve your relationship through improved communication and building intimacy and emotional connection.  

If you are uncertain whether you would like to continue with your relationship, and together would like help deciding the best path forward, I can provide short term Discernment Counseling to help.  You can read more about this on our Couples Counseling page. 

I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist & Supervisor and have specialized in couples therapy most of my career.  Relationships are challenging but vital to our wellbeing.  If you are willing, relationships can be the best teacher and healer if we let them show us where we need to grow within ourselves. 

I work with couples who are not only motivated to work together, but are also ready to work on themselves as we help you each to bring a new awareness and acceptance of who you are as individuals, and who you are together as a couple and family.

Communication Coaching for Professional Relationships:  Good communication paired with emotional intelligence not only helps our personal relationships, but our professional ones too.  Understanding the dynamics that play out in communication and conflict can help you navigate your career, networking, management and leadership skills etc.  Many say relationships are the key to success in work/business, which is likely true for life in general 😉.

Neurodivergent Women & Professionals

I have a special interest in neurodivergent women who are driven in their work and their purpose, especially because I am one. 

I am a sensory sensitive and highly intuitive person raising sensitive kids, nurturing a marriage of almost 25 years, and running a business while trying to live life at a pace that I enjoy, despite how this fast-paced culture would like me to live.

Women are often more socialized or motivated to try to hide or change their neurodivergent traits without even knowing it. Therefore, they often struggle with anxiety, relationships, or life skills for many years not really understanding what the problem is, and often become aware of a possible diagnosis much later in life.

If you are neurodivergent, or wonder if you might be, I’m happy to help you get to know your true nature and unique gifts, so you can become more authentic and connected in your relationships and your purpose.

You have gifts that the world needs, and I can support you as you navigate your work and life in a way that brings you success on your own terms, and fulfillment in your life and relationships.

If you are ready to thrive in a new and heathier way, give me a call, I'd love to help!

I offer in person and telehealth sessions to provide extra privacy and flexibility for working professionals. 

Models of Therapy:  EMDR, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Natural & Integrative Mental Health Practices.  In addition, tools from the fields of Career Coaching and Financial Therapy.


To request an appointment, use the form on the Contact Page, or call the office at 715-441-1828.

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Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Arts degree from U.W. Madison
  • Masters of Science in Education-Professional Counseling from Concordia University WI
  • Marriage and Family Therapy specialization completed at Family Therapy Training Institute
  • Certified Emotionally Focused  Couples Therapist & Supervisor
  • EMDR Therapist
  • Certified Senior Professional Career Coach - International Association of Career Coaches

Insurance Provider for

BCBS, Health Partners, Cigna, United Health Care/Medica/UBH/Optum