What is Online Therapy?

This recent pandemic has turned our world upside down in a flash! Minds are racing with worry and anticipation....Will I get sick? Will I lose my job? Is the world going to survive this? Top this off with the stress of isolation, homeschooling, and working from home, and we could have a mental health crisis on our hands next. Online therapy is here, it's effective, and it is something that could help you and your family right away. Here are some common questions we get about online therapy and how it can support you in these difficult times.   WHAT IS ONLINE THERAPY? Online therapy (also considered part of telehealth) is counseling that is provided face to face over a secure video conferencing platform.  Phone calls are also a form of telehealth counseling that may be an option for people without access to a video system, or who would prefer telephone over video conferencing.   HOW DOES ONLINE THERAPY WORK & IS IT SECURE? Online therapy functions the same as in person counseling, where the therapist and client meet privately and have a counseling session.  Some things may be done differently as a result of being in separate locations, but adjustments are made to make the therapy equally effective.  You don’t have to download any special software.  The therapist initiates all of the calls and procedures and will walk you through the process. We use a secure video platform, sessions are never recorded or saved, and all the same ethics and HIPAA rules apply for your protection.   HOW CAN ONLINE THERAPY HELP & WILL MY INSURANCE COVER IT?
  • Emotional support and coping skills for worry and anxiety
  • Parenting support, including establishing new structure and routine
  • Support for depression that is either new, or returning
  • Stress and anger management
  • Couples counseling as current conditions may exacerbate martial challenges
  • Connection to help with feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Many insurances cover telehealth, and the government is taking steps to continue to expand coverage during this crisis. It is always best to call your insurance to ask about your own coverage.  We can help with that call if you need.
  Although it may be challenging to find private space at home for a session right now, we can help you get creative and we are also offering a variety of hours to make it work. To make an appointment or ask any questions, you may email us through our website or call the office at 715-441-1828.