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Couples Consultation

Some of our therapists are available for consultation services.  These can be done through phone calls or in person, and are meant to give some professional perspective and guidance as needed, rather than ongoing counseling. 

Consultation is often brief to get clarity or answers to questions about a situation, or can be ongoing support such as checking in once a month or a few times per year to stay on track.

Consultation is most helpful when couples (or a partner seeking individual support) are ready for feedback and guidance, and motivated to take some action to help their situation.

(Consultation is a cash service and is not covered by insurance.)

Relationships can be hard!  Sometimes we need help getting some perspective, understanding common patterns in relationships, and finding the right words in difficult conversations.  Couples therapists can be extremely helpful at giving you some laser focused feedback and guidance when you are stuck.  

Here are some of the common issues clients seek consultation for:

  • Getting some general feedback about our relationship and our stuck points, and if there is any hope for our relationship.
  • Understanding what my partner is trying to tell me, and/or learning a better way to communicate my needs to my partner.
  • How do I talk to my partner about my affair?
  • What do I do now after finding out about an affair?  What questions can I ask, should I ask?
  • Tips on how we can increase emotional and sexual intimacy in our relationship?
  • I'm worried about my partner and I don't know how to talk to them about it.
  • We need help making a difficult decision.
  • What do we tell our children about infidelity, separation, divorce, illness, etc.